Källskär Artist in Residence

About Källskär Artist in Residence  

Källskär was the residence of free lord Göran Åkerhielm in the years 1958-1983. Åkerhielm transferred his part of the island to the government of Åland in 1984.

On Källskär there is a log house designed by architect Reima Pietilä and a magnificent garden surrounded by stone walls created by hand, as well as some smaller cabins at the harbor on the south side of the island.  

One of the cabins in the southern port of Källskär is today used as an artist in residence and is administered by the Åland Cultural Delegation.

The artist in residence is primarily given to performing artists and cultural workers in all art areas and journalists who in their creation can be expected to have a special benefit from the environment the facilities offer, but who also can offer Åland new experiences and inspiration in the cultural field. A residence is usually granted 1 or 2 weeks during the period end of May-September.

Space and equipment

The artist in residence cabin of about 30 square meters holds two beds, there is gas stove and refrigerator but no electricity. Here you live according to motto simplicity. With the help of solar panels you can charge mobile phones and laptops (220 volts), and you can connect to the network via a telephone modem. There is also a fixed telephone connection in the artist in residence.

The artist must bring linen and towels and food for the stay. Food can be purchased on the main Kökar island or in Mariehamn. The supervisor arranges for water in the residence.

Theres is no indoor toilet but an outhouse.
The dishes are done outdoors at the sink located on the back wall of the artist in residence. If necessary, there are three extra beds in the small boathouse next to the artist in residence.

There is a small fee of 50 euro a week that each residence guest pay in advance to cover the costs of gas and waste disposal. You also pay an extra fee for accompanying family member.The artsist in residence pays fo the travels to and from the residence. The transportation between main Kökar and Källskär is done by the supervisor on agreement in advance.


Applications for the recidence should be sent to the Åland Cultural Delegation by September the 15th at 16.15 pm, the year before the stay is requested. If the 15th is during a weekend, the following working day then applies as the last application day. A work plan that describes your stay and a CV must be attached to the application.

Application form in is open between the 15th of August to the 15th of September 2024. 

Good to know 

Please observe that Källskär is a popular tourist destination and that many visitors come to see the famous stoneformation that is called "Källskärskannan" and also the log house designed by architect Reima Pietilä.

There are quite a lot of snakes on Källskär but if you moove carefully and on the walkingpaths and as long as you are aware of this, unexpected situations can be avoided

Travel to Kökar

Travel to Kökar takes place by local ferry traffic between main Åland and Kökar. For more information see

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